oh that boy's a slag,the best you ever had.

I am very busy nowadays; catching up with finals, sleep at the right time every night, getting up quite early to refresh everything I've read the previous night, do the laundry, cook proper food, eat all at the same time.

That's why it's very tricky for me to blog now, as I tend to get carried away when I'm writing. I'd write everything that comes to mind even when I've had the subject in mind, it's time crucial, seriously.

But just now he asked me to look at this band's website, they will have a concert in Tokyo and he wants to go to see them live. I was like, ok, I've known for some time how much he's into them, but how can anyone be so into a band that they would even go to the concert when October is a critical time for us the third-years.

As I look at the website, I noticed the pictures of the band, all of them are very nice. As I look further, I saw this one guy - and I'm completely in love with him.

The band's name is Arctic Monkeys, and the guy is Alex Turner.The one with the long hair, the second one from right in the first picture.

Long gorgeous hair. That steamy eyes. That I'm-so-cool-I-don't-have-to-smile face. How can anyone not fall in love with him???

I am totally blaming him for not making me listen to their songs hard enough. I mean, I've heard of Fluorescent Adolescent before(such a great song to cover...note to self) and totally love the song, but basically that's it.

Whyyyy laaaaa whyyyyyyy tak dengar awal-awal ish.

And this is their official website, feel free to cuci mata anytime ;)

Downloading the album :) Can't say if I'd like the rest of the albums but I'll give it a try.

He's totally gonna kill me for this.

A concert in October doesn't sound so bad after all.


  1. Kalau dah minat arctic monkeys tu try2 la dengar lagu the Strokes (kalau tak pnah dgr lagi)

  2. ahaha okok :D songs in specific?mcm pnh dgr...

  3. search je kat utube... nnti kluar la lagu2 top kat atas



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