this is the hormones talking.take note.

I've reached this point where I just can't read my 物質移動論 notes anymore or I will scream.

This morning I woke up 2 hours before my class, anxiously started my day checking fb and emails as usual, took a bath, got ready for class and I was done 30 minutes earlier than I always do. Took the notes, read, stared at the monitor for a while and read again. Went to class, done at 12 noon and reached home at 1230 pm. And I didn't even log into ym kononnye nak have 100% concentration, and by 4 pm I was already nauseous.

Hormone changes sucks big time.

I feel horribly tired and upset without any apparent reason. And my first mid term paper is tomorrow morning. I have less than 11 hours. To stare at this papers again and again.

So I just had to blog. Even if it's for whining.

I thought I've overcome those silly feelings I always had back in first year here. But I haven't, apparently.

Shahrul called in the late evening and I don't know I just feel like a child needing her company to entertain her and make those feelings go away. I've never felt so relieved seeing his name flashing on my phone screen, I just felt better right away. Thank you :)

Sigh. In this long-distance (almost) relationship thing, whoever succeeded I salute you.

Hormone changes tak best langsung. Rantings done. Back to notes.

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