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This is old news, but I still want to post the pictures on the blog.

This is the thing made by my own hands at the lab, a couple of weeks ago. One of the famous seizu's work.

I am over the edge of exaggerating here, but I am seriously, seriously proud of myself.

We used the biggest machine I've ever seen in my entire life; and there were six of them. Six. In the lab alone, and we actually have to use each and every one of them. We have to cut the metal they gave us each, about 10 cm in length, and cut it until we get the above size. It wasn't easy, and whoever thinks cutting metals and working in lab are fun is seriously out of his mind. I hate those machines.

After almost 3-4 hours of work, at last I managed to get the right size and the right measurements :) Though the inner part is slightly crooked. But who cares, my lecturer didn't notice it anyway.

Oh and we made the screw thing too :) Ahh once in a lifetime!

I don't think I'll ever make one of these things again, so just let me treasure this moment for a while.


  1. hehehe...macam kenal jer bnd nie =p

  2. hehe :D
    bangge dpt buat pdhl 1 je :D

  3. kitorg time a-lvl kt gmi lg dh kne wat n deal wt such projects.:)

    cool dat u've done one too. :P


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