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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

welcome to my blog


being a mommy
working life

hot hot hot.

It's only spring here, but panas gila I feel like switching on the aircond 24/7, I'm not kidding.


And the parcel arrived this evening :) Yay!
(I have to keep this from him)

I had a chat with Miss Nagoya today. And I think I've learned my lesson.

I used to read this blog by a stranger. A girl, obviously. I like reading, and things I usually read are the things that I can relate to. In most ways. So when I've come to terms with the frequently wrote topic, I'd grew accustomed to it, and it would be my most read blog. Then when she stops writing, I wonder, does anyone feels that way with my blog too?

Did I reveal too much? Did I just give you a glimpse of my life? Do you feel like you know me after reading this blog, the whole content? Does it, then, gave you the right to judge a person just by reading her blog?

I realize sometimes I might write carelessly. Meaning I don't think about what others might feel; how would the person closest to me feel if he/she thinks I wrote about them, what if someone misunderstood that I was talking about them when actually I'm not.

So here is my apology. I'm sorry if I might've caused any misunderstanding about the subjects, or if my post sounded bitchy. It wasn't intended to be. I've always tried to be honest and respectful; but even then sometimes the words might've been out of line.

To the blogs I used to read, thank you for the lesson of life you've given me, even if it's in a non-direct way. It's weird when you can feel so connected to the person you didn't even know, when you just know them through their words. Or friends that you know, but reading their blogs you feel like there's a side of them that you just didn't see before.

It feels good to sometimes slip away through others' lives. I hope I did give you the same thing, somehow, through this blog.


  1. see.. u already me something that keep me want to read and read again ur entry..

    plus minus, give me strength to add ur facebook too..


    nice to meet you! =)

  2. aww thank youu! nice to meet you too Munie :)


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