Tuesday, March 24, 2009

without a damn good credit card balance.

I am. Never. Ever. Going. There. Again.

It's not like I don't enjoy the currency's difference. It's not like I had that much trouble lost in their many subways. But seriously we are so damn broke I blame it on their many you-can-get-it-cheaper-here stores. Where has all the sanity gone.

I feel guilty to Malaysia government workers. Tax payers.

On the contrary, he said he wants to make going to Seoul a ritual. Maybe once every 6 months. Sebab? Because you can get a pair of Evisu jeans for only 7,000-8,000 yen there compared to the cheapest 20,000 yen here.


We went to Myong Dong like, 3 times. And saya jumpa a Tokidoki brand :) Hisashiburi.

Overall Korea was okay, the subways are much easier to figure than Tokyo's. We never missed a station, we didn't take the wrong track, we didn't take the wrong densha. So it was okay. His friends are awesome, though the whole 3 days there I spent with them (three Koleq guys, imagine that) but they are nice. Thank you! :)

If I'm going there again, it'll be because of either Full House or clothes. Nothing else.

And Korean people are a whole different story.

Forget manners. Forget aisatsu. Forget nice bargain-ers. They are the people I wish I'd never met.

Malas nak upload gamba lagi. Nanti lah.

And not surprisingly, my feet hurt like hell even after I switched to flats. Yes, my feet are such annoying creatures. But I still love them because they make me complete.

But now I know he can't blame me for hurting my feet from wearing heels ;)

The one thing I regretted is we never had a chance to go to Full House. We were halfway there, though. And got lost in a strange town looking for a bus that doesn't even exist :( Sedih.

And oh here I take the honor to put the picture of the woman who pushed me while walking at Namdaemon(if I remember the name correctly). You should see how strong she is despite her aged looks, because seriously no one ever pushed me that hard, ever.

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