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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

welcome to my blog


being a mommy
working life

velour thingy.

The gifts :)

I'm back, tired, sleepy, aching, happy.
Special thanks to dear boyfriend for making the best effort.

I refused to take the famous pink one just because. I don't go for signature ones, hence the brown Carly.

I bought him the famous Evisu jeans for his birthday. I never thought a pair of jeans could make a guy so happy.

And Betsey Johnson has its own store at Sogo! And I found dVb jeans there!(though it worth almost 50,000 yen)

Life is good.

We found the cheapest ticket to go to Seoul. 20,000 yen without adding the tax. Well at least it's the cheapest we've found so far.

March is now officially here. :)

Oh when we went to the store the other day the salesgirl was surprised when I told her I found the shop through internet. A newbie. She said she worked at Mitsukoshi Hakata before moving there. But the new store is better than the old one, though. Bigger.

She spoke to me like I am older than her. Unbelievable.
And even more surprised when I told her I'm a daigakusei.


Before we went out she greeted me and I thought she must be very sabishii for Japanese are not very familiar with the brand yet, hence the lack of customers.

I can't wait for Seoul.


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