my happy ending.

Now Listening To Our Song by Taylor Swift.

Packing and packing. I can't do this.

I had a good time last night :) Ok being called "mata biru" is not one of it but on one side it was funny. It was gray, for God's sake.

I wish I believe that I am going to have a happy ending. I wish I can be sure. But reality is much more intriguing. But I secretly envy the couple, the harmony between them and the way he looked at her amazed me. I don't wish that on me but it's nice to see the affection in the air.

I believe everyone has a happy ending.

My finger still hurts, but I can't stop.

I saw this video on Youtube, a girl doing a cover of Savin Me. Shit she's so good.

And I still produce this horrible sound. Sheesh.

Off to Seoul tomorrow!

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