I tried to ignore. Tapi tak boleh. And we actually went inside and buy nothing :)
Yes I consider that as an achievement.

Me and the gang went to Miyajima today :) I was patting myself on the back since I totally suck at being a tour guide, but this time I managed to get the girls home safe without any arm or leg missing. Congratulations.

The weather was unbelievable. Cold. I was shivering like crazy I felt like my teeth are falling off, and had to sit inside where they had cushions seats and all the while they were taking pictures on the ship. Cis.

My favorite picture/place is the second last one. Because it wasn't freezing cold and tudung tak buat hal.

Off to Nagoya tomorrow :)


  1. ok cantik tukang bw kouhai mlancong dah ada....hahaha
    tahan jele ko tgk miyajima lg yerk nnt

  2. ok takpe.aku tak kesah janji singgah shinai.



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