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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

welcome to my blog


being a mommy
working life


I 'blacklisted' this one website I really, really love because they didn't ship to Japan. And just now I check into the website, they just started shipping the items here :)

Today is a hectic day, above all. Too bad we didn't take any pictures, not much a camwhore lately kot. Nasib lah. We should do this kind of 'trip' again okay? :)

It's officially a dress phase. Fetish. Whatever la yang described it, I don't think it's going to end soon.
He wants to take me to Korea for our March 20th. Can I go any crazier?

I found Zara in Hiroshima today, thanks to those who accompanied with such big hearts :) (do NOT tell him how I went crazy today, please)

Ahh good day. Come often please.

Another topic tonight at Fiore about me being senyap around people. Cis.

I am quiet, I'd always rather be the 'thinker than the talker in the group'. Does that make any sense? And people would say I am quite, a bit, reserved. I don't give away too much. But I wonder if that's how they really see me? And when I give I don't take it back, one thing I have on people closest to me, explains why there are mismatch impressions among strangers and friends.

So be it. Thinker or not, talker or not, I don't intend to be in either positions.

So take your pick. :)

"Bile shopping, brand hardly matters to us"

Statement lelaki shopper bertauliah. Tak cukup 'Pile of Trash' experience lagi tuh. Hahaha.
Takpe pasni jom pegi Wako check out name brand lagik.


  1. buat xtau je kat dorg sape yg kate tuh.
    be urself is the best policy=)

  2. aku rse ko byk je cakap.muahahah!!! :P

  3. hehe zatil thinker ke....baru sedar...

    and of course i stand up with that statement. but if brand we like tu cheap, apa lg...sambar jele..but pile of way even 100yen...

  4. izzat laila : kan aku mmg friendly kan sebenarnye.hahaha

    sidek : baru sedar??cissss.haha klu aku jmpe lg brand tuh aku bgtau kau.


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