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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

welcome to my blog


being a mommy
working life

boys over flowers :)

Last paper macam ape. But I hardly regret whether I ought to make it or not. Knape ah?

Above it all, I am finally stress-free :)

Sesape nak jalan. YM aku.

Boys Over Flowers yay!

I was this close to write it. But as I think about it I'd better off not. Choosing to believe unwanted truth rather than the painful lies/truth. After all, I know what the answers would be - or what exactly I'd be hearing if I did.

It is funny that I can predict what your actions would be, or what you're thinking, or what would become of all these.

Banyak bende nak buat. Nanti lah I want to enjoy the moment :)

I don't know why, at times like this I'd rather be left alone.


  1. igt ade cite psl BOF
    berdebar2 dada
    seb bek
    bace tajuk jek dah wat aku sengih cam org gile

  2. wahhh....

    aku tak tahua pe yang aku wahkan
    saje je komen ..nampak cool

  3. hahaha msti ko lyan gak cite tu...ari ni lewat ptang kot kluar episod 13...can't wait....mari2 mrayap..walaupun aku papa tp aku xpduli

  4. neng : aku pun nak komen kat blog kau gak ah.bagi nmpk cool.haha

    sidek : aku baru smpi episode bape.aku pun papa jgk tp tak kire.haha.pujuk sue gi shinai jom.

  5. anonymous : i dont get what youre talking about? -_- but yeah bof rocks :)


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