be civil.

Aku try la nak buat hari ni berfaedah tapi tak jadi.

Woke up at noon. Actually first got up at 8, watched some drama and sambung tido till noon. I am not into classes but this boredness is getting on my nerves, so bad I'm thinking of revising my next sem's book early.
Not good.

"Please forgive me for my distance
The pain is evident in my existence"

I am no computer expert but I've personalised something so I consider this as an achievement. :)

Somewhere this time last year. You came for a company. In the middle of night. Late morning. It's not new, though, and you know it. I did picked up, though I wondered why. You, too. Why I bother picking up when I should be sleeping?
Why did it bothers you so much anyway?
There were too many questions.

I feel like going to 7Eleven and get something. Ice cream, chips, bread, drinks.

Two plates of rice did nothing to my system.

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