talk is cheap.

It's 12 am, and I'm far from my goal to start studying after 11.

It's the last day of jikken. But I feel nothing.
I don't have the mood to study because I still have loads of reports to do. Does that make sense to you?
And why do we still have to have a class specifically for jikken after the whole semester of labs?
Does that make sense to you?

Complaining mood.

I want to start revising. I want to get into the topics I don't get during the classes, I want to clear out anything that doesn't make sense before.

But this damn report is killing me.

I deserve no sleep, starting tonight.

With Good Charlotte, I feel accompanied :)
Always, always a tad too late.

Resemble a lot with the missing one.
I miss my ring :(


  1. atil chantek nye ring tu!!!
    n carve inside pon chantek je macam.hehe

  2. lawa gile kannn!
    n its from nihon punye website.
    tgu smpi harge turun lah jwbnye.haha



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