I'm craving for cheesy wedges so badly. One of the reasons on why to go back home, to add.

I'm sick but I think I'm gaining weight because I eat rice at least 3 times a day, to consume meals accordingly so the medicine I take is effective. At least that's what I choose to believe. So I'll get better. I can't take having bad dreams anymore, I tend to have weird dreams everytime I'm down with flu.

Attempted to make cheesy wedges. Tapi tak jadi pun. I need KFC halal here.

Keep switching Raymond and Rory the whole weekend. I wonder if it is a sickness? But those two are the most effective ones. Non-cheesy.

I remember red scooter. Or was it blue?

I'm doing good. I'm doing good, surprisingly. I feel like, finally, a portion of me has been locked around somewhere. I drew the line, and finally am sticking to it.

Two parcels arrived yesterday, and thank you :) Unexpected. Thrilling. Thank you :)

Mum called, and I feel bad as my voice obviously dragged her attention to my sickness instantly. She didn't show it but I know she freaked out, that's how bad my voice is. A cracking sound. She gave me everyone's update in Readers' Digest version as AJL is airing on the TV(honestly) and suddenly I crave for Kak Ni's chicken soup :(

Material Science and Programming. I don't give a damn anymore.

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