Hello, stranger. Happy 2 years anniversary. :)

I couldn’t really put into words how I appreciate your existence in my life, without sounding so blue and cheesy. I wish I could, I didn’t want to bore anyone to death but I’m determined to say from my heart.

These two years might seem too short to others. It might seem too fragile. It’s easy to say, and to observe. But I know, deep in our hearts we knew we meant to be in this path, despite of what we’ve been through. I couldn’t find anyone who would love me any better than you would – shocking but true. I’ve never felt so much love, it’s almost impossible.

I learn to depend so much on you – noticing the consequences, I got panicked and turned to be a very emotional sensitive girl. I cry, cry and cry – like nothing can cure the pain I felt and it’s not only once I’ve thought about giving it up – I didn’t want to cause more pain. Considering how perfect your life is, compared to mine. Considering how different we are, in every aspect, like what people said. As much as I want to hold on to this one perfect thing in my life, I know I can’t be selfish. So then there were the times I hurt you, wanting to get out of this one thing I know you wouldn’t give up for sure.

I said I care not for what others say. But I do. And I still do.

I’m sorry for those times I let out the words that you certainly hate – me, too, if I’m given a choice I wouldn’t make such a decision I know would kill myself too. I’m so sorry. Despite all that, you’re still there, rigid by my side. I couldn’t ask for more, though, nothing is imperfection, we do have flaws.

There are things I chose not to be in your acknowledge, in fact, I still prefer it that way. I know how much you detest me being so secretive. I always seem to bring pain into others around me, my ignorance towards others’ feeling is knowledgeable but somehow it stuck there. So I’m so, sorry for that.

If you would have known. Somehow, it pictures so much more from what I’ve guessed, and thought. And that’s why I chose to be quiet.

I know I can’t promise you any more than this – this relationship that I’ve been hold on to – but if I ever saw a shooting star, I’d wish for your happiness rather than mine. I’d wish for us.

We might fight again right after this, we might argue about things, but I want to remember this moment.

So thanks for being there, in this pace of two years time. Thank you.

"You are the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me."
I wouldn't forget that.


  1. congrats...btw i tagged u...check ma blog

  2. knowing u,i must say u have changed;)remember when u used to have the guys after u and u x tau how to handle?!plus u don't even know how 2 say no,lembut sgt hati tu ;)

    i must say,take good care of her pls mr shahrul,ssh tackle dia ni.and gud luck 2 both of u.ehe=)

  3. skrg pun byk lg guys chasing her,the only difference is saye yg ckp no skrg hehehe.2years & counting,i luv u syg=)



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