[with me]

i hate to break dis up to u peeps,dis is not atil(*^_^*),dis is her hubby heheh.i own dis blog too u know heheh.. erm dis hubby of her is quite a normal guy,not so handsome,not so ugly,ok la.. don't even know how the hell did he managed to tackle her back then hehe.u know la,she's very the cute,lots(& i mean lots!) of admirers,lucky me i guess hehe.

i've changed a lot since i met her.i started to become a shopperholic,but she's far more super than me hehe(she never gets tired huhu!).i've become a movie freak-she always dragged me to mid valley when we're in um..owh but sumtimes (erm often i think hehe) she gets upset when i want to watch my 1st luv,man united in action dat weekend instead of going to the movies hehe..hmm she even make me see gol&gincu the series huhu..i pretend to read harry potter when she watches it,but i have to admit for a malay story it is quite good,curi2 tgk heheh..

most importantly she made me become a selfish person.selfish in wanting to control her evry moves,worried dat she might get hurt,wanting to see her always smile..mayb dis selfish thing's a good thing,mayb not huhu..we sumtimes fight bout things, n i'm glad we came through it still holding hands..i don't know,mayb i should let go of her sumtimes,no more prince (king sounds old la hehe) control..but de truth is i can't help it,'couse a part of me will always think bout her,in my sleep,when i'm watching football hehe,in my unconscious mind..i guess it's not her that is always depending on me,its the other way round..

honey,sori for all that i've done..

i don't want dis moment,to ever end
i'd wait here forever just to see u smile
'cause evrything's nothing without u
through it all i've made my mistakes i stumble & fall
but i mean these words
i want u to know
with everything i won't let dis go
these words are my heart & soul
i'll hold onto dis moment u know
as i'll bleed my heart to show
& i won't let go..

p/s : dis hubby of her is totally not jwang hehe! u all can get your atil(*^_^*) back after dis,no more from me heheh..


  1. u guys meant to be together.this is like soo sweet..=)


  2. atil..*ehem ehem*

  3. atil,what happened?u guys gadow ke?hehehe..;)
    i like the song!:]

  4. mayb dis song suits u guys..

    I just don't understand
    Why you running from
    A good man, baby
    Why you wanna turn your
    Back on love
    And why you've already
    Given up
    See I know you've been
    Hurt before
    But I swear I'll give you
    So much more
    I swear I'll never let you down
    'Cause I swear it's you
    That I adore
    And I can't help myself, babe
    'Cause I think about you
    And my heart gets no rest
    Over you, you you yeah
    You can call my selfish
    But all I want is your love
    And you can call me hopeless
    'Cause I'm hopelessly in love
    You can call me unperfect
    But who's perfect
    Tell me what do I gotta do
    To prove that I'm
    The only one for you

    So what's wrong with being


    I'll be taking up your time
    Till the day I make you realise
    That for you there could be
    No one else
    I just gotta have you for myself
    Baby, I would take
    Good care of you
    Now matter what is you're
    Going through
    I'll be there for you
    When you're in need
    Baby, believe in me
    'Cause if love is a crime
    Then punish me
    I would die for you
    'Cause I don't want to live
    Without you
    What can I do, oh


  5. thanks guys..n nope xgdh pn,haha do not worry ok:)

    honey..thanx a lot for writing..:)

  6. owh,who put dat n'sync song..im a n'sync freak!!!btw,atil n lalalala
    u guys suit each othr.it's okay what being a jiwang if it's only for atil=p

  7. hehe pena dats y,i love dat song as much as u do!!anonymous,thanx 4 putting it there:)pena its not jiwang ok!!hahaha..thanx;)

  8. omg.. majideeee?? ahahha jiwang jiwang jiwang *wink*

  9. MAJI.hehee;) n again,izzat,its not jiwang ok!!HAHA



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