(Update : I have since updated my dUCkscarves! Refer here)

Last week, I decided to let go some of my Duckscarves - a scarf brand made popular by Fashionvalet owner, Vivy.

I trusted her eyes on these things, like most of us do - but for this particular brand, I had to let go the crepe material scarves because I'm so used to wearing different material and crepe is just too thick for me.

Out of these 3 scarves, 2 of them I've already worn once - the grey and chocolate, while I've never worn the mint green. It's more of an impulse purchase for me due to how unfamiliar I am with the mint green color - in fact, I don't think I've ever worn scarves in this shade! Sigh.

Can't even remember I had it in my closet T.T So when I was rummaging through the scarves I have the other day, I saw this and the purple boxes in the store and felt so guilty.

Decided that I'd rather pass them on to more deserving owners who I know would wear them with pride.

Posted the picture on my Instagram, received response almost immediately and till midnight, I still received emails asking the availability of the scarves. Which impresses me looking at how influential this brand is, because I didn't think anyone would want to purchase preloved scarves - at an above par of price range some more. Some even want them so bad, they were willing to pay at whatever price I'd quote - should've quoted at least 20 bucks higher than original price haha.

So these 3 babies are with their rightful owners now; and I can rest peacefully seeing my newly guilt-free wardrobe of scarves. For now, I'd stick with the jersey material from the brand, which is more of my style and material - and fuss free.

The husband was impressed,
"You should sell more stuff from the wardrobe - we can make some profit from all your other unused clothes"


  1. make some profit tu lawak..nak bagi orang baju pon aku pikir 2 or 3 kali..hihi!