Rayyan the Soother

It amazes me how fast my kid is growing up these days. He's turning into a person; it's an experience I've never been through before in my life - seeing someone becoming a person in front of my eyes.

(If that makes any sense.)

Everyday, it's always something new I'm discovering about him. His tease, his favorite pastime (still the same - asking us to read his books over and over T.T), his favorite phrase, his dancing (oh God, he LOVES to dance), his favorite snacks and food, etc.


We were in front of the TV. I went to the kitchen kejap, and back to the living room.

Husband suddenly says,
"B, cuba buat-buat nangis"

"Huh??! Buat apa?"

"Alah, buat je. Buat-buat nangis depan Rayyan"

While signaling to him.

So I obliged. Faked a crying fit (which looked like or sounded like an ape, to me, definitely not the attractive side of me).

Then Rayyan stopped what he was doing. He was looking at me weird.

I continued fake-crying.

Then he came...

And patted me on my cheek, as if he was saying there..there..

And when I stopped crying, he stopped patting my cheek and went back to what he was doing.

I swear, it's the most loving gesture he's ever shown to anyone so far. Never knew he has a soft side XD

"Just like daddy", the husband says -_-

Best part is, now whenever he cries because of something, one of us would fake-cry in front of him - and he'd stop crying and come patting our cheeks with his hands. And completely forgotten why he was crying before - and move on with life.

Whoever taught him this, I want to kiss you. Saved us a lot of stress HAHA.

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