the Berita Harian interview : reactions

Thought I'd compile the list of reactions I got (and am still getting XD) here, for future amusement.


Well this is tricky, because he's already aware of the interview long before it took place i.e the moment I got the email. But I still think his reactions are amusing.

After the email :

"Wow! But are you sure dia reporter?"

Because the journalist/reporter uses some CAPS and non-CAPS in her title.

Days leading to the interview :

"Can I tag along? Ooh can I bring Rayyan too? He can be in the pictures"

And eventually crushed because the photoshoot took place when he was away on an oversea business trip. Still won't shut up about it.


Mum was at my house when the photoshoot took place. She took care of Rayyan while I was out (at NSTP office)

When I got home, she casually asked me how was it, etc. Then later that evening, the journalist emailed me the draft of the article. I showed her.

She read the email, and teared.

My brother was there, too and he's known as the most manja sibling with my mum. Obviously couldn't take Mum's reactions, he said,

"Tipu lah masuk paper. Takde gambar pun"

It was the first draft, the pictures haven't come in -_-

When the article came out, I showed him the pictures just to shut him up haha. #meansister

At the office

When I knew the piece was coming out that day, I was hoping that no one at work reads BH XD I keep very low profile of my blog at work cause finding out they're reading it would traumatize me, so after lunch when no one made any fuss, I thought I was safe.

Later at 3 pm-ish, the boss Whatsapp-ed the screenshot to the whole group department T.T There goes my comfort shell!

So what did the colleagues say?

"Wow Zatil! Congrats! Part-time job huh"

"Maybe you can blog about our staff attire.."

"Ooh now you can have your own reality show! What is it gonna be? Xoxo, Zatil maybe?"


And the paling win comment by a male colleague,

"Wah Zatil, rajinnya berblog. Now I'm thinking that maybe I should just go ahead and start a blog about how to DIY a house or bungalow.."

Apparently he's in the midst of settling in his newly bought bungalow which he does 90% work by himself, i.e the garden, the painting, the tiling etc. Hence the DIY blog idea.

I have interesting people in my life.